Tissues and garments

Tissues and garments

Everest logo is to choose ready-made clothes, fabrics and textiles with high quality from all Turkish markets. Our optimum dealings and integrated services made us market leaders in this field in terms of quality and price.

Turkey, one of the world's leading textile and clothing producers, aims to achieve a significant increase in exports.

According to Anadolu's analysis of Turkish Exporters Association (TİM) data, the textile and garment sector exports increased by 3.8% in 2018 to $ 26.1 billion, knowing that this number did not reach the sector's level of potential.

Turkey's textile and clothing sector will turn the advantage of the Turkish currency into an opportunity thanks to Turkish brands [rather than contract manufacturing].

Now many stores around the world have opened and have Turkish brands.

The textile and clothing sector this year aims to increase exports by about 10 percent to about $ 29 billion, as exporters prioritize obtaining a larger segment of the global market.

The exports of the textile sector to Africa and the Americas increased last year, along with the European Union, Turkey's main trading partner.

Exports of the textile and garment sector to Africa reached their highest level ever, last year it exceeded the goal of one billion dollars, an increase of 13.5 percent year on year.

The garment sector aims to export $ 33 billion of merchandise annually.

Turkey can achieve rapid transformation of products thanks to its integrated facilities and strong infrastructure for design, expertise, know-how and qualified workforce, and Turkey has a significant advantage for the European market in terms of its geographical location.

In 2018, the textile, raw materials, and garment sectors combined accounted for about 16 percent of Turkey's total exports.

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